Soldier Rush 2018
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Nov 10 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11112Kathryn Serra00:26:13.370Top 3 Overall1Female1
2464Kelli Denis00:27:03.987Top 3 Overall2Female2
3979Istvan Pilbak00:27:15.210Top 3 Overall1Male1
41148Edwin Soto00:27:35.737Top 3 Overall2Male2
5498Ashley Erickson00:27:46.167Top 3 Overall3Female3
6649Gage Hicks00:28:09.100Top 3 Overall3Male3
71041Joseph Roberto00:28:49.4800239 - Not Award Eligible1Male4
81126Renato Silva00:29:03.8630239 - Not Award Eligible2Male5
91307Malcolm Grant00:29:30.3300239 - Not Award Eligible3Male6
101288Rey Mansito00:29:54.7430239 - Not Award Eligible4Male7
11537Damion Francis00:30:16.7470239 - Not Award Eligible5Male8
121376Paulo Tovar00:31:12.8270239 - Not Award Eligible6Male9
13535Anthony Forgione00:31:40.5870239 - Not Award Eligible7Male10
14566Aleksandar Gjurovski00:31:55.2070239 - Not Award Eligible8Male11
15408Kassio Colaco00:32:01.2500239 - Not Award Eligible9Male12
16992Olivier Poychicot00:32:05.417Top 3 Masters1Male13
17333Jesse Braha00:32:13.7430239 - Not Award Eligible10Male14
18579Humberto Gomez Acosta00:32:31.237Top 3 Masters2Male15
191324Ricardo Carrion00:32:38.0900239 - Not Award Eligible11Male16
20984James Polan00:32:52.670Top 3 Masters3Male17
21744Guillermo Lauzurique00:32:58.2930239 - Not Award Eligible12Male18
22740Frank Latella00:33:33.2970239 - Not Award Eligible13Male19
231047Kendra Rodriguez00:33:36.2600239 - Not Award Eligible1Female4
24372Carlos Catano00:33:53.4070239 - Not Award Eligible14Male20
25331Scott Brackemyer00:33:54.8274099 - Not Award Eligible1Male21
26556Gregory Geissinger00:34:28.2534099 - Not Award Eligible2Male22
27389Antonette Clapp00:34:30.8500239 - Not Award Eligible2Female5
28441Sam Fritz00:34:34.4234099 - Not Award Eligible3Male23
29967Eric Perez00:34:49.9974099 - Not Award Eligible4Male24
301174Elizabeth Thompson00:36:01.1530239 - Not Award Eligible3Female6
31893Ashley Montemarano00:36:28.1770239 - Not Award Eligible4Female7
32268Julio Arevalo00:36:30.2374099 - Not Award Eligible5Male25
33525Eider Ferreira00:37:15.0234099 - Not Award Eligible6Male26
341125Peter Sidereas00:37:24.8500239 - Not Award Eligible15Male27
35288Jennifer Banos00:37:50.0800239 - Not Award Eligible5Female8
361208Luis Velez00:38:24.8304099 - Not Award Eligible7Male28
371389Joseph Hamza00:38:25.7830239 - Not Award Eligible16Male29
38559Danielle Geraci00:38:31.240Top 3 Masters1Female9
39971Darren Carlonagno00:40:06.557Age Unknown - Not Award Eligible1Male30
401013Isabel Ramati00:41:00.867Top 3 Masters2Female10
41233Brian Petrillo00:41:04.3100239 - Not Award Eligible17Male31
421273Lina Zelman00:41:07.8400239 - Not Award Eligible6Female11
4352Rick Pate00:44:34.5004099 - Not Award Eligible8Male32
44418Michael Cooley00:44:46.0930239 - Not Award Eligible18Male33
45424Ipek Courtney00:44:54.427Top 3 Masters3Female12
461260Manuel A Ytriago00:45:04.6470239 - Not Award Eligible19Male34
47310Lynn Berkowitz00:46:32.6534099 - Not Award Eligible1Female13
481258Taylor Young00:48:22.4130239 - Not Award Eligible7Female14
49524Johander Fernandez00:49:06.9070239 - Not Award Eligible20Male35
501265Heather Zayac00:49:17.1670239 - Not Award Eligible8Female15
Page 1 of 2 (57 items)