Sunfest TGi5K Run
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May 01 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1325Ryan Mcconnell00:17:35.580Top 3 Overall132Male1West Palm Beach5:40 min/m
257James Carpenter00:17:37.890Top 3 Overall238Male2Palm Beach Gardens5:41 min/m
3301Dean Manning00:18:19.110Top 3 Overall342Male3 5:54 min/m
4213Josh Johnston00:18:59.87302 - 39137Male4Delray Beach6:07 min/m
5234Hamed Kian00:19:10.67702 - 39234Male5 6:11 min/m
6331Thomas Mc Donough00:19:49.890Top 3 Masters143Male6Palm Beach Gardens6:23 min/m
7120Cecilio Farinas00:20:03.543Top 3 Masters247Male7 6:28 min/m
8323Kevin Mccarthy00:20:05.890Top 3 Masters342Male8West Palm Beach6:28 min/m
9375Michael Oosterman00:20:20.64002 - 39330Male9 6:33 min/m
10575Brian Rousch00:20:24.64302 - 39437Male10 6:35 min/m
11489Aaron Standish00:20:25.99302 - 39536Male11West Palm Beach6:35 min/m
12421William Rivera00:20:35.14340 - 99151Male12West Palm Beach6:38 min/m
13530Janine Virano00:21:09.897Top 3 Overall145Female1Jupiter6:49 min/m
14165Emrah Imran Gunes00:21:22.96002 - 39625Male13West Palm Beach6:53 min/m
15513Chuck Tobey00:21:24.33740 - 99261Male14West Palm Beach6:54 min/m
16574Kellie Greene00:21:36.493Top 3 Overall224Female2 6:58 min/m
17576Brandon Araujo00:21:47.86702 - 39721Male15 7:01 min/m
18299Nigel Mann00:22:05.89040 - 99350Male16West Palm Beach7:07 min/m
19364Stef Nemeth00:22:07.77040 - 99450Male17Coral Springs7:08 min/m
20538Joh Weir00:22:10.82002 - 39818Male18Palm Beach Gardens7:09 min/m
21121Anderw Feigenbaum00:22:12.63702 - 39928Male19Jupiter7:09 min/m
2258Tyler Carroll00:22:13.42002 - 391028Male20 7:10 min/m
2367Stephanie Cojocaru00:22:19.140Top 3 Overall327Female3West Palm Beach7:11 min/m
24102Ralph Diaz00:22:25.41702 - 391137Male21Boca Raton7:14 min/m
2560Nicholas Castriz00:22:31.32302 - 391218Male22Palm Beach Gardens7:15 min/m
26123Brian Fiorey00:22:31.92702 - 391331Male23 7:16 min/m
27462Robert Sendler00:22:34.74740 - 99553Male24Jupiter7:17 min/m
28298Jorge Manibusan00:22:39.14302 - 391436Male25 7:18 min/m
29261Blake Larson00:22:45.55002 - 391514Male26North Palm Beach7:20 min/m
30232Jordan Khani00:22:46.57002 - 391620Male27St. Louis7:20 min/m
31577Joseph Dalsanto00:22:48.21702 - 391727Male28 7:21 min/m
32578Michael Dalsanto00:22:48.39702 - 391827Male29 7:21 min/m
33396Kevin Pisano00:22:49.39740 - 99654Male30Palm Beach Gardens7:21 min/m
34265Matt Lech00:22:49.45002 - 391924Male31 7:21 min/m
35184Jordan Harrison00:22:49.86702 - 392023Male32 7:21 min/m
36116Peter Englehardt00:22:50.89040 - 99759Male33 7:22 min/m
37148Anna Golebiowska00:22:51.29302 - 39128Female4 7:22 min/m
38283Samantha Lo00:22:57.39302 - 39222Female5West Palm Beach7:24 min/m
39321Joseph May00:23:01.39302 - 392129Male34Fort Pierce7:25 min/m
40442Charles Saenz00:23:07.57340 - 99846Male35West Palm Beach7:27 min/m
41324Mandy Mccarthy00:23:13.64302 - 39339Female6West Palm Beach7:29 min/m
42412Gianfranco Rabaroza00:23:39.83302 - 392234Male36West Palm Beach7:38 min/m
43113F Mitchell Dutton00:23:43.48040 - 99959Male37Palm Beach Gardens7:39 min/m
44571Mike Schlechter00:23:45.32040 - 991049Male38 7:39 min/m
45290Brandon Mackles00:23:47.89302 - 392318Male39Palm Beach Gardens7:40 min/m
46359Jamie Murray00:23:49.39702 - 39421Female7Royal Palm Beach7:41 min/m
47371Scott Olenski00:23:49.61340 - 991143Male40West Palm Beach7:41 min/m
48516Christina Tremblay00:23:53.72002 - 39530Female8Loxahatchee7:42 min/m
4969Jerome Collins00:23:55.89302 - 392438Male41 7:43 min/m
50308Heather Martin00:23:57.64302 - 39621Female9West Palm Beach7:43 min/m
Page 1 of 11 (506 items)