2019 Goliath Gauntlet 5K Obstacle Course Race
Apr 13 2019


Team Positions Determined By The Top 5 Runners on Each Team
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Open Teams1FITZONE OCR TRAINING01:59:2516
Open Teams2ATP02:26:0035
Open Teams3GoRun Project OCR02:30:0810
Open Teams4TEAM FMA High School Competiti02:32:5613
Open Teams5TEAM OTF03:03:3030
Open Teams6CrossFit Empirical03:07:267
Open Teams7Team Lee03:09:239
Open Teams8Padrino's-Plantation03:12:3319
Open Teams9Master's Academy03:24:2710
Open Teams10OTF Plantation03:24:4215
Open Teams11Florida Boys03:27:269
Open Teams12SO Mudders03:27:405
Open Teams13Moss Foundation03:27:4610
Open Teams14Padrino's-Hallandale03:32:179
Open Teams15Flanigan's03:34:5620
Open Teams16Calvary Fellowship03:35:537
Open Teams17Fit4Lyfe03:44:2240
Open Teams18Bass Underwriters03:49:1547
Open Teams19Parkway Strong03:49:2811
Open Teams20Team Bacardi03:50:3219
Open Teams21Padrino's-Fort Lauderdale03:55:2214
Open Teams22HSD Race Team03:58:5012
Open Teams23Challenge Fitness04:03:2315
Open Teams24Highland Wireless04:05:5010
Open Teams25BBI04:15:5235
Open Teams26Ultimate Workout04:21:4214
Open Teams27Phitness Lab04:25:145
Open Teams28High Tech Locksmiths04:27:1630
Open Teams29FMA Family & Kids04:28:1527
Open Teams30Sangre TIGO04:29:599
Open Teams31Padrino's-Boca Raton04:30:406
Open Teams32Ortiz04:34:575
Open Teams33COLOMBIAN FURY04:35:005
Open Teams34Padrino's-Dania Beach04:35:0614
Open Teams35Broward Crossfit/The Playgroun04:53:208
Open Teams36Mud Out Loud04:53:2214
Open Teams37Slackers04:55:335
Open Teams38Calvary Chapel Plantation04:55:4112
Open Teams39Indian Princess Iroquois Natio05:03:089
Open Teams40THE ICE CREAM CLUB05:04:526
Open Teams41Orangetheory Fitness West Palm05:05:119
Open Teams42Weston Training Center05:07:1024
Open Teams43Padrino's-Office05:14:229
Open Teams44The Wet Noodles05:20:295
Open Teams45Savages05:23:087
Open Teams46Magic Leap05:31:2613
Open Teams47AAW05:31:5211
Open Teams48AFK05:35:376
Open Teams49We are Mission Fit05:36:0316
Open Teams50Rapid Runners05:41:1210
Open Teams51Conquest05:49:285
Open Teams52305 Ninja Academy05:50:047
Open Teams53LOCAL05:51:245
Open Teams54pierre05:53:546
Open Teams55Trinity International Universi06:06:378
Open Teams56Legacy Fit Doral06:08:595
Open Teams57The Lake Lushes06:19:315
Open Teams58BSapp06:19:455
Open Teams59Hill York CHAMP06:21:028
Open Teams60Psyched06:23:088
Open Teams61BHG06:34:4317
Open Teams62Muddy Style06:53:025
Open Teams63Roche Family06:56:196
Open Teams64Team Lions06:59:235
Open Teams65Rescue Ninja's RN07:00:128
Open Teams66Tipsy Tailgaters07:05:346
Open Teams67Cenci07:19:005
Open Teams68FMA07:21:4710
Open Teams69Team Noah - No One Fights Alon07:23:4416
Open Teams70Looney Tunes07:47:246
Open Teams71Vertical life07:59:3411
Open Teams72Edward Don and Company Mud War08:27:0812
Open Teams73NLT race team08:38:257
Open Teams74NEST CHURCH08:53:4412
Open Teams75Oye Dakota10:01:5614