2020 Fight For Air Climb Miami
Mar 07 2020


Top 3 Fastest Climbers on Each Team Determines Position
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Open Teams1UPS00:17:2818
Open Teams2Miami Dade Fire Rescue00:18:25126
Open Teams3ToTheMAX!00:19:065
Open Teams4CrossFit Yellow Falcon00:19:093
Open Teams5Scrambled Legs00:20:179
Open Teams6Local 140300:21:0019
Open Teams7Monroe County Fire Rescue00:21:2511
Open Teams8Jr. Cadets00:21:2717
Open Teams9SGWS- Miramar00:21:3414
Open Teams10Robert Sheppard00:21:3519
Open Teams11VALENZANO41700:21:375
Open Teams12MDPD Priority Response Team00:21:4215
Open Teams13Team Northwestern Mutual00:22:374
Open Teams14#imKahlo00:23:3110
Open Teams15Memorial00:23:414
Open Teams16Delray Beach Fire Rescue00:23:558
Open Teams17Breathe Easy00:24:109
Open Teams18Pirates of the Cure-ibbean00:24:1516
Open Teams19Springs Athletics00:24:233
Open Teams20Vice City Ruckers00:24:318
Open Teams21A Lil' Wheezy00:24:353
Open Teams22Team VITAS00:25:507
Open Teams23Kindred Steppers00:26:163
Open Teams24Pompano Beach Fire Rescue00:26:545
Open Teams25MDPD HOMICIDE00:27:003
Open Teams26Night Train Crew00:28:536
Open Teams27City College Hollywood - EMS00:29:577
Open Teams28Quad Squad00:30:563
Open Teams29Emergency Education Institute00:31:037
Open Teams30Team North End00:31:078
Open Teams31Sunrise Fire Rescue00:31:284
Open Teams32Team Calder00:32:016
Open Teams33TeamFU6500:32:437
Open Teams34SGWS- Miami00:33:446
Open Teams35City College Fort Lauderdale - EMS00:34:456
Open Teams36Station 2900:34:5714
Open Teams37Oakland Park Fire Rescue00:36:385
Open Teams38Coral Springs - Parkland Fire Rescue00:37:496
Open Teams39All Blondes and a Brunette00:37:527
Open Teams40Air Force 1 MCI00:38:354
Open Teams41Lauderhill Fire Rescue00:39:213
Open Teams42Team Carolyn00:39:438
Open Teams43City College Miami - EMS00:41:234
Open Teams44Margate-Coconut Creek Fire00:42:015