2019 Fight For Air Climb
Mar 09 2019


Team Positions Determined By The Fastest 3 Team Members
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Open Teams1GoRun Project00:12:2612
Open Teams2Scrambled Legs00:16:089
Open Teams3UPS00:19:4223
Open Teams4Miami Dade Fire Rescue00:19:5049
Open Teams5VALENZANO41700:19:5913
Open Teams6Stair Ninjas00:20:176
Open Teams7Local 140300:20:5621
Open Teams8Cindy's Fitness Experience00:21:296
Open Teams9City College EMS00:21:4228
Open Teams10ToTheMAX!00:22:099
Open Teams11Monroe County Fire Rescue00:22:3222
Open Teams12Team Extinguishers00:22:3314
Open Teams13Cadets00:22:3510
Open Teams14Breathe Easy00:24:236
Open Teams15Posse for Jose Perez00:24:2813
Open Teams16Delray Beach Fire Rescue00:24:327
Open Teams17Team Calder00:24:3810
Open Teams18Team Kilimanjaro00:24:508
Open Teams19NSU Med Sharks00:25:146
Open Teams20Lungevity00:25:2710
Open Teams21Asthma Astros00:25:435
Open Teams22Stairway to Heaven00:25:466
Open Teams23SW Ranches Fire Rescue00:26:178
Open Teams24Quad Squad00:27:054
Open Teams25VITAS Cares - Miami00:27:1011
Open Teams26Team Terri00:28:398
Open Teams27Vice City Ruckers00:28:427
Open Teams28Team Carolyn00:29:519
Open Teams29Station 2900:29:599
Open Teams30We beLung Together00:30:169
Open Teams31Memorial Climbers00:30:203
Open Teams32Station 300:31:225
Open Teams33A Lil' Wheezy00:31:413
Open Teams34GS Troop 40100:31:594
Open Teams35Extreme Climbers00:33:046
Open Teams36MDFR Training Division00:33:147
Open Teams37Team North End00:33:577
Open Teams38MFD Fire Climbers00:34:324
Open Teams39All Blondes and a Brunette00:34:426
Open Teams40MDFR 30 C00:36:153
Open Teams41Oakland Park Fire Rescue00:38:403
Open Teams42Station 600:39:143
Open Teams4318 and Single00:40:203
Open Teams44P-2200:46:584
Open Teams45MDFR R56C00:49:243
Open Teams46Ocean Reef Public Safety00:50:393